Solid investment option with tangible physical property.

There are always choices when it comes to investments. The real estate market offers solid investment option with tangible physical property. With the current state of the economy, it is a golden opportunity for the buyer to get back investing into the real estate market. It is acquisition time!



Ching Pek Kok – I

Was built in late 1990.  Renovation began in January 2010 and it is on target to complete by the end of 2010.  This renovation will provide a modern appearance by replacing the exterior finishes of the entire building to a higher grade finish. 

Ching Pek Kok II

Was a high-rise Condominium built in early 2000, one of the larger high-rise buildings in the region at the time that offers great amount of living space.  The large units have well over 4,000 SF. CHING PEK KOK II was ideally situated in the upper mountain section of Macau. The overall construction takes about 24 months. It was sold out within the first 6 months after it was released.