The Ho Family is proud of its history of creating and preserving real estate values.

Ho Brothers Development has been operating since 2005 in the United States, although we began our real estate development many years prior. In the 1950’s, our parent company, Lun Vo, Ltd. was founded in the Guangdong Province of China where we became one of the most well known and reputable building developers in the region! With this solid foundation throughout Southeast Asia, Lun Vo expanded to the United States where we became Ho Brothers Development, LLC. Ever since our welcoming here, we have continued to successfully develop and build incredible residential communities and unique home constructions. We assist with property investments and land acquisitions as well when needed.


Striving for greatness in the development field since the 1950’s.

Instilled by our founder, we hold our work to the highest standards to continue to be at the top of the development field. We take great pride in our business and the work we produce! We are committed to improving the environment alongside the quality developments we offer, which is where one of our philosophies come into play. BUILD SMART & THINK GREEN is our way of giving back to the environment and enriching our communities showing that you can have quality while still protecting the environment.


Ho Brothers Development under the leadership of Francisco and Humberto Ho.

Ho Brothers Development are led by two incredible pillars in the development field that have not only a vast amount of experience but the same amount of passion as the day they began their careers.

President Francisco Ho has over 30 years of experience in construction and development, and he was an active partner in our parent company throughout the mid 80’s. Vice-President Humberto Ho has over fifteen years of experience in general contracting along with commercial construction and development in the United States. A graduate from the University of Illinois, he holds a master’s degree in Civil Engineering.

We continue to grow by acquiring and developing more properties in both Macau and Hong Kong. Our diverse portfolios encompass millions of square feet of offices, condominiums, school systems, and high rise commercial construction projects, and include many of the distinguished properties in both Hong Kong and Macau.

Macau was the first and also the last European colony in China.  It is geographically located in Southeast Asia, on the western side of the Pearl River Delta, bordering Guangdong province.  Macau features industries such as textiles, toys, tourism, and of course the most well known, gambling entertainment industry. Macau currently holds the title of  “Largest Casino of the World”. The Venetian of Macau has over 3,000 rooms.